Ages 9-13

Who are Rogers Park Youth?

At HACC, young people are not “at-risk” youth. They are opportunity youth.

All young people deserve the opportunity, tools, and support they need to develop their interests and build a stable future, and they can find that at HACC.

Funding youth programs means that hundreds of young people from underserved communities and people of color facing prejudice are given the opportunity to blossom.

Contact: 773.381.3652

Hours: 9 am.-5 p.m.

Location: 1527 W. Morse Ave., Chicago, IL

Explore our programs for children and youth ages 9-13:

These are youth-voice and social-justice themed afterschool programs.

What does that mean?

Students direct their curriculum on issues they want changed in their community– like domestic violence or gun violence– focusing on root causes like racism and prejudice. The workshops focus on Identity, Oppression, Leadership and Non-Violent Issue Based Activism through fun activities like learning photography, playing sports, and creative writing.

The goals?  

  • Improve academic performance through activities like tutoring and completing homework in the group
  • Develop social skills through discussion and group collaboration
  • Prepare for high school
  • Build confidence

Project JAM! (Justice Actually Matters) and Greensleeves

Project JAM!

Where: Jordan Community Elementary School

Ages: 4th-7th grade


Where: Kilmer Elementary School

Ages: 4th-6th grade

Both of these programs require that youth are enrolled at their respective school. Applications are available at the schools and the HACC Youth Center.

HARP is one of the longest running literacy programs in the country–serving children for over 35 years!

Volunteer mentors work with 30 children twice per week to provide one-on-one tutoring. Mentors work with one child throughout the school year.

HARP tutors mentor and tutor children to combat illiteracy and build children’s confidence in themselves and their academic ability.

HARP Reading Specialists train new volunteers, using the National Louis University clinic model.

Who qualifies?

Children in 3rd-5th grade who are at least a grade level behind in reading at Gale Elementary Community Academy.

I want to be a volunteer tutor!

Check out the tutor page for more information.

The SHARP program works with children in HACC afterschool and summer programs to learn about healthy eating and living. The two focus areas are nutrition education and physical fitness.

The goal is obesity prevention for the Rogers Park Community by helping youth make informed healthy decisions.

SHARP provides engaging, creative activities to 210 low-income youth and adults by a Registered Dietitian (RD).

Did you know?  

  • One in five U.S. children struggle with obesity, increasing the risk of lifelong health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Food deserts contribute greatly to childhood obesity. They are areas where residents cannot access affordable, healthy, and fresh food due to the absence of grocery stores within convenient travelling distance. They primarily impact low-income neighborhoods, often majority people of color.

HACC Summer Camp is the beautiful continuation of the confidence and skills build in HACC’s school year programs!

HACC’s free summer camp is a safe space in the neighborhood for young people to spend the summer months having fun and working on social, educational, and recreational projects.

Activities include:

  • Ceramics
  • Basketball, soccer, and boxing
  • Bicycle mechanics
  • Dance and theater
  • Social justice and community activism
  • Field trips and weekly trips to the beach

Ages: 9-13 years’ old

Who qualifies?

Any child in the Rogers Park community, but first priority is given to youth in HACC programming.

I want my child to attend!

Enrollment forms are distributed to Jordan and Kilmer elementary schools in June. The forms are also available at the HACC Youth Center. Parent/Guardians must meet with Youth Department staff to complete enrollment process prior to starting camp.

*Capacity is limited to about 70 campers.


6 weeks

Monday- Friday, 5 hours per day

Youth Center Philosophy

Restorative Justice:

Restorative Justice is all about repairing harm, instead of punishing those who harm others. It focuses on accountability of those harming others, while allowing the people hurt to have resolution—whether it’s through a simple conversation, apologies, or action.

This is key to empowering community members to build peace in their own neighborhoods and be present to participate in their own communities.

At the Youth Center, young people are told their worth and treated with respect and guided to respect others even during times of conflict.