Ages 13-18

Who are Rogers Park Youth?

At HACC, young people are not “at-risk” youth. They are opportunity youth.

All young people deserve the opportunity, tools, and support they need to develop their interests and build a stable future, and they can find that at HACC.

Funding youth programs means that hundreds of young people from underserved communities and people of color facing prejudice are given the opportunity to blossom.

Location: 1527 W. Morse Ave., Chicago, IL

Contact: 773.381.3652

Hours: 9 am.-5 p.m.

We are currently raising money for HACC youth to go to a technology and leadership summit in Boston! You can help them get there!

Explore our programs for children and youth ages 13-18+:

The Clubhouse is a safe place where youth work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.  

Youth also created a space called the “concave”– a space filled with new computers and art covering the walls.

Youth also explore the most current technology and develop skillsets to prepare for the job market.

What areas do they study?

  • Business
  • Graphic Arts
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Music Engineering
  • Robotics
  • 3-D Design
  • Animation

Ages: 14-18 years old

Fun fact!

The Clubhouse provides opportunities for global learning and multicultural exchange– there’s 91 computer clubhouses across the world! Check out The Clubhouse Network at  


To join the club(house), you must meet with Clubhouse Staff/ Coordinator and complete the application process and an interview.

New Era Project

NEP engages youth in need of one-on-one mentorship and case management due to gang affiliation, former incarceration, homelessness, experiences of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and access to mental healthcare. The program also works with families to obtain services so that they can best care for their children who are struggling.

The program is about 50 percent women and men, with the majority being Black and Latino/a. In addition to receiving services, the NEP works with youth to obtain basic necessities such as food, toiletries, clothes, state IDs, and public transit aid.

Ages: 16-18 years old

I want to join the NEP family!

Please contact  Shelley Friede at

Peace Angels

The Peace Angels program is an offshoot of the NEP’s crucial community work. Most of the youth participants are fulfilling Chicago Public School service learning hours needed to graduate or are referred from Parole Officers.

The program is directed by youth, who are out in the community working on social justice projects. In the past they have raised money to combat hunger and teen suicide. They participated in community organizing trainings, and learned about police accountability and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Ages: Any age, though youth under the age of 14 years old should have permission from their parents.


To be a Peace Angel, you have to attend regular meetings and check in with your case manager.

Promise Scholarship

The Promise Scholarship is an special program for high school graduating teens in HACC programs that provides college scholarships.

Each year HACC awards four or more college scholarships that provide $10,000 per year for four years of college.

The program also offers a mentor who supports the Scholars as they pursue their post-secondary education goals.

Camp Snowball Retreat

Camp Snowball is a five-day leadership and professional development program for teenagers in April.

This is a special opportunity to bond with other Youth Center participants, learn more about sharing your voice, collaborating, and being a youth leader, and the group discusses difficult topics such as equity and privilege while enjoying nature.

Take a week out of your spring and (re)treat yourself!

Apply for Camp Snowball by contacting the Youth Center.

Employment experience and preparing for higher education are some of the most important tools for the success of young people.

The Career Readiness Program primarily works with youth to find unpaid and paid work experiences to build job skills, a resume, and leadership abilities. The program follows the lead of the youth involved, working to accomplish their personal goals. Goals such as re-engaging in and graduating high school, succeeding in the workplace, and making a plan for college or permanent employment.

The program also provides:

  • Activities aimed at reducing school drop-out
  • Alternative options for high school
  • College exploration and application assistance
  • Mentorship by adults in the community
  • Counseling and case management  

Ages: 16-24 years’ old


This program is for youth who are not currently in school. To enroll, come to the Youth Center to meet with Career Readiness Program staff!

Youth are placed in jobs around the Rogers Park community. Some of our employer partners Revive Consignment and Street-Level Youth Media.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Brittney Thomas at We’d LOVE to work with you!

Youth Center Philosophy

Restorative Justice:

Restorative Justice is all about repairing harm, instead of punishing those who harm others. It focuses on accountability of those harming others, while allowing the people hurt to have resolution– whether it’s through a simple conversation, apologies, or action.

This is key to empowering community members to build peace in their own neighborhoods and be present to participate in their own communities.

At the Youth Center, young people are told their worth and treated with respect and guided to respect others even during times of conflict.