Why the updated HACC logo?

HACC is an organization with over 50 years of community service, which means generations of people helping each other, strengthening the love for Rogers Park. But love means challenges too, a reason why the organization has evolved into different departments in order to provide our community with experienced and professional talent on education, health, and social services. As the ‘go-to’ organization in Rogers Park we serve a range age groups in the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago. HACC talented staff and volunteers always work with the community in mind. We belong to a team of over 120 players and over 900 volunteers.

As any other team we need an emblem, a stamp that not only make us proud but make us one. The HACC logo is the visual element that represent across all programs and departments.

HACC Logo symmetry arrangement and layout options are visually explained and explored in this page. The logo may be used in three different arrangements depending on the environment. The following are three golden rules:

  1. The logo is available in only two colors, gray or blue.
  2. Text and icon should always share the same color, gray or blue.
  3. Hands Icon and text should always be together. (We need to emphasize WHERE we are, and WHAT we do).

email signature logo

These are the logos to be used in email signatures, you can either copy it from the image or download it from the link.

Download Gray logo
Download blue logo

Brochure printed logo

These are the logos to be placed by the contact information in printed material, you can either copy it from the image or download it.

Download Printing logo
Download printing logo

Cover logo for printing material

These are the recommended logos to be place on the cover of any printed material, you can either copy it from the image or download it.

Download gray logo
Download blue logo

Media Kit

If you need to print Business cards, Flyers, or any other document that requires a high resolution logo or specific printing needs please contact Carlos Matallana at cmatallana@howardarea.org so he can provide you with all the files and information you need.