This May, the HACC Youth Center held the Spring 2017 BIGshowcase in the Clubhouse– an open house for youth in programs to present their innovative art, technology, and leadership skills.

Their technology prowess is astounding. At the showcase, youth explained how to use traditional stop motion combined with modern special VFX (visual effects) software to create an excellent short movie. They also organized and hosted a Street Fighter V tournament in the Stream Station (in the basement of the Clubhouse), recorded the games, and broadcasted them for fans.

Check out the 3-D printer that youth use to create objects for filmmaking: 

Mawusi is a jewelry artist in HACC programs who is expressing herself while learning the ropes of business. Hear from the artist herself:

Ofure is a young person studying graphic design at HACC. She learned how to use  Adobe Illustrator CS6, a cutting edge design program universally used by graphic design professionals. Let Ofure walk you through the beautiful diversity of her original designs:

You can also enjoy photos of the event on Facebook.

Written and filmed by Rachel Hoffman