Students from HACC’s Adult Education program have written over 50 letters to their state representatives to advocate for their own education and spread awareness of the need for free adult basic education in low-income and marginalized communities. They sent letters to: Governor Bruce Rauner, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Representative Jan Schakowsky, and Representative Kelly Cassidy.

Hear them out! Read their letters, share this post, and share student voices that are so often erased and diminished. 

Kafayat Adebiyi (above)
Representative Schakowsky
“Adult education is very important to me because I wanted to go to college in my country in Nigeria. Then my mom did not have enough to support the seven children she had because in Nigeria you have to pay out of pocket,”…Read more.

Michelle Hernandez
Representative Schakowsky
“I have three kids. My oldest so is Daniel ,and he 13 years old. I need my education to help Daniel with his homework. Ivan is 6 years old. Ivan has an Individualized Education Program. Ivan needs extra help from me,”…Read more.
Erick Maseka
Representative Schakowsky
“I didn’t get a chance to finish high school in my country [D.C. Congo] because there was no peace…Then my family and I came as refugees here in U.S. I was so excited to found this G.E.D program here in the United States,”…Read more.

Michael Jimenez

Representative Schakowsky
“I dropped out of school around 2011 and I’ve been trying to get my GED since 2014…Recently the need to obtain my GED has become a priority. Our family has agreed to take in 4 children under our care,”…Read more