Family Literacy Playset Fundraiser 2018-02-13T13:02:18+00:00

HACC children need a new playset!

The children of adult education students at Howard Area Community Center are asking you: please, can you help us pay for a new playset?! We just want to play and learn safely!

Donate below!


Why is this so important?

While students take ESL and GED classes, HACC cares for their children in the Family Literacy Program. Here, children learn games and activities that promote brain and motor skill development. They make friends! They have fun!

But one of the joys of childhood–playing outside– has become very difficult. The HACC playset is old and has fallen into disrepair. Children are getting hurt while they play.

All of the children in the Family Literacy Program are low-income. Getting to a local park can take take a lot of time, energy, and transit money for their parents. The HACC playset is a game changer. Because, literally, you can play different games outside!