30th Oct, 2017

Practical math! Adult ed tutor & student work on math for a job in jewelry

Funding for adult education in Illinois is unstable, to say the least. Volunteer adult tutors are a lifeline for adults continuing their education. Just ask Toni (on the right), a budding jewelry designer, and her math tutor, Melanie Geyer. “I said 'My math stinks!'” Toni said, laughing. “But she [my tutor Melanie Geyer] was so [...]

16th Aug, 2017

Susan, a refugee from the Congo, got her first job in the U.S.!

Susan is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Like thousands before her, she fled the Second Congo War, a civil war that raged from 1998 until 2003. She was forced to abandon many family members and her livelihood, a prosperous corn and bean farm. Susan fled with her husband to a refugee camp [...]

17th Jul, 2017

Parent Perspective: Sisters who had children as teens found a home at the Family Center

Genesis, 20, and Michele, 22, are sisters who grew up in Howard Area Community Center programs. Their lives were filled with with homework help, field trips, summer camp, and more from birth through teenage years. Even their mother worked in the kitchen at the Family Center and volunteered throughout HACC. However, their lives changed dramatically after both Genesis and [...]

26th Jun, 2017

VIDEOS: ESL students share stories from their lives!

This class session, students in Howard Area Community Center's ESL 5 class participated in a transformative collaboration between HACC and the Community Writing Project. Students wrote personal stories in English and shared them with their classmates– not only enhancing their English writing and speaking skills but creating bonds between students from different backgrounds and empowering [...]

20th Jun, 2017

Parent perspective: Affordable pre-k means everything to a single mother

Jeannifer is a parent of a child, Sophia, at HACC's Birth to Five Early Childhood Education Program at the Sheila Reynolds Berner Family Center in Rogers Park. The Family Center provides a high-quality, affordable early childhood education for 116 children ages 0-5 years old in a full-day program. Hear from Jeannifer herself about how important this Head [...]

5th Jun, 2017

Armstrong El adult ed partnership helps moms be students

This year, HACC partnered with George Armstrong Elementary School in West Rogers Park to host a GED class. More space means another free class, and the students, who are majority mothers, have the childcare for elementary aged children while they study. “Partnering with neighborhood schools is a natural way to extend our mission of building [...]

1st May, 2017

You are helping Adeola become a nurse and support her family!

Adeola, or “Addy” as her patients call her, immigrated to America from Nigeria with the dream of helping sick people become healthy. After working with the HACC Employment Resource Center, Adeola received tuition aid for nursing school and mentorship through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It covered $8,000 of her $16,000 tuition. As a [...]

27th Apr, 2017

Adult ed is crucial for my success- GED students write to IL State Reps!

Students from HACC's Adult Education program have written over 50 letters to their state representatives to advocate for their own education and spread awareness of the need for free adult basic education in low-income and marginalized communities. They sent letters to: Governor Bruce Rauner, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Representative Jan Schakowsky, and Representative Kelly Cassidy. Hear them [...]

13th Apr, 2017

From addiction to ambition: Anna found a new start at the CTA

Anna sought help at HACC’s Employment Resource Center and earned an internship with the CTA Second Chance Program. In 2016, she was offered a full-time job! As she nears her first year on the job, HACC celebrates her success. Anna lives with her elderly mother. Her full-time job as a bus cleaner at the CTA [...]