13th Apr, 2017

From addiction to ambition: Anna found a new start at the CTA

Anna sought help at HACC’s Employment Resource Center and earned an internship with the CTA Second Chance Program. In 2016, she was offered a full-time job! As she nears her first year on the job, HACC celebrates her success.   Anna lives with her elderly mother. Her full-time job as a bus cleaner at the [...]

31st Mar, 2017

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Howard Area Community Center

A snapshot of the 1970s-1980s HACC worked to improve the Jonquil Hotel, a run-down housing facility prone to crime in the 1970s. The neighborhood In the 1920s–1970s, Rogers Park saw an influx of people fleeing oppression, including African Americans from the South, and European, Vietnamese, and Latino/a immigrants. Rogers Park faced a housing crisis. [...]